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App Development
Offline Survey App for World Resource Institute: Empowering Rural Resource Research

The Offline Survey App, developed in collaboration with the World Resource Institute, serves as a pivotal tool for conducting comprehensive research and surveys in remote rural areas. Our dedicated field staff venture into these distant villages to conduct exhaustive surveys on both human and natural resources, including vital elements like water bodies.

Given the limited or non-existent internet connectivity in many of these locations, our app operates seamlessly offline. Field staff can collect and store data directly on their devices during surveys. Once an internet connection becomes available, the collected data is securely uploaded to our servers.

This innovative solution ensures that valuable research on rural resources is not hindered by connectivity challenges, enabling the World Resource Institute to make informed decisions and drive positive change in these underserved communities.

Tech Stack Used:
Flutter 3.3
Firebase 2.13.0
Google_maps_flutter 2.2.7
Geolocator 9.0.2
Localizations : English and Hindi